Thursday, June 5, 2008

What are the GOP rules critics trying to accomplish?

One thing I'd love to see in the comments section to this blog: an explanation of exactly what the GOP rules critics are trying to accomplish. (See my post below for a basic explanation of this issue.) When Tom Pauken took over the Texas GOP from the establishment, I understood his purpose. The party apparatus was supposed to represent the grassroots of the party and serve as a counter-balance to the Bush-Rove machine that really doesn't care about principle and never has.

That said, throughout this election cycle, the Ron Paul Revolution folks are making a splash. What's the end game? Do they want to affect the state platform (and to what end)? Do they want their people on the State Republican Executive Committee, and what would they do when there?

I know many Republicans -- and not just the Ron Paul faction -- are fed up with elected officials who have abandoned principle and want to get the GOP away from special interests and the culture of Washington DC and back to its ideological roots. But how does one get from A to B. Now that's a fascinating question.

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