Friday, June 6, 2008

Rifle Association gets warm reception at Democratic convention

Many of my friends are surprised to know that, in Texas, there is a strong bi-partisan constituency for gun rights. The Texas State Rifle Association has had a booth at both parties' conventions for as long as I can remember. This morning, the Democratic Gun Owners' caucus held a meeting, and the room was overflowing. Congressional candidate Larry Joe Doherty spoke. (The Gun Owners' caucus is not formally affiliated with TSRA.) Former House Speaker Pete Laney has long been a friend of the Second Amendment, and the Texas State Rifle Association took out a full-page ad in the convention program. The ad lists Democratic senators and representatives who achieved A ratings from the TSRA. Three Democratic Senators received A ratings (Juan "Chuy" Hinojosa (A+) of McAllen, Eddie Lucio Jr. of Brownsville, and John Whitmire of Houston. Twenty-five House Democrats received A ratings (more than one-third of the caucus) and five received A+ ratings from TSRA. The A+ rated House Democrats are Stephen Frost of New Boston, Mark Homer of Paris, Chuck Hopson of Jacksonville, Patrick Rose of Dripping Springs, and David Farabee of Wichita Falls.

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MJSamuelson said...

Out of curiosity, which Democrats in the State House don't get A's? I'd be interested to know which ones fail.