Saturday, June 7, 2008

Terri Hodge calls for clean government

Talk about ironies. Rep. Terri Hodge (D-Dallas), who was the subject of a federal indictment last year relating to misconduct in office, took to the microphone accusing the Democratic convention of conducting its business in private. She said the Obama campaign was holding a caucus in private to determine the delegates to the Democratic National Convention behind closed doors. She asked the convention chairman whether this is in compliance with the rules of the Democratic Party and the Texas Open Meetings Act. (I guess she missed all the kum-bay-yah lectures coming from the podium Friday evening).

The Texas Chairman of the Obama Campaign, former Dallas Mayor Ron Kirk, told reporters that the at-large slate was considered and approved in a public meeting that complied with the rules of the party. He also said he understands the frustration of the many good people who were not able to be selected as national delegates.

Now I think I've seen it all. Terri Hodge trying to lecture anyone on clean government ...

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