Saturday, June 7, 2008

Ray puts quite a spin on Attorney General's "settlement"

Sen. Mario Gallegos (D-Galena Park) is speaking about what he views as the evils of requiring prospective voters to show identification before voting. He was introduced by Willie Ray, the plaintiff in the Texas Democratic Party's lawsuit trying to stop Attorney General Greg Abbott's crackdown on voter fraud.

Ray claimed that the Democratic Party "won" her lawsuit, and Abbott settled. Here's what really happened.
* A federal judge in East Texas appointed by Bill Clinton tried to enter an injunction. That injunction was set aside by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit, which ruled against the party twice.
* The Democratic Party did not get any concessions out of Abbott. The state did not pay attorneys fees, which are normally awarded in civil rights cases. The plaintiffs dismissed with prejudice their lawsuit.
* Abbott did not make any concessions about what cases he will and will not prosecute. What really happened is Abbott read into the record the current Attorney General's policy, which guides the office's attorneys on which cases the office will and will not prosecute. In fact, the statement itself said that it is not intended to limit the discretion of the office.

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