Friday, June 6, 2008

Virgina Gov. Tim Kaine talks for Obama

Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine spoke on behalf of Barack Obama following the Texas House parade. He started off the speech by monologuing at length in Spanish, commending Obama for "walking with the people."

Kaine told the crowd that Obama "wanted to be here" but needed to take the weekend off to spend with his family after a long fought primary with Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Kaine went on to tell the crowd that the election bore the highest stakes he had ever seen. He said a John McCain presidency would amount to a third Bush term, as McCain stands with Bush on the Iraq War, economic policies, and health care.

The confidence of the Democrats shown as well in his speech, as he told the Texas crowd of Democrat gains being made in Virginia. He predicted that the traditionally red state would see a second Senate seat won by a Democrat, for example.

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