Saturday, June 7, 2008

Obama wins Texas Democrat delegation

Barack Obama has won the Texas Democratic Delegation to the Democratic National Convention in spite of trailing three points in the primary election on March 4.

How did he pull it off? From the looks of things, Obama's people read the rules and learned how to two-step. Here are the numbers.

Texas has 228 total delegates. Thirty-five of those are superdelegates who can vote for whomever they please. That leaves 193 total pledged non-super delegates. That in turn is broken down to three different subcategories. The first is delegates from the primary elections - 126. The Party Leaders and Elected Officials ("PLEO" delegates) - 25. Finally at large - 42. The latter two categories are allocated to presidential candidates based on a presidential preference poll of Texas State Democratic Convention delegates.

Hillary won ONE of those subcategories - the primary delegates, 65 to Obama's 61. But the PLEO delegates went to Obama 14 to 11, and the At Large delegates went to him 24 to 18. So of the 193 non-super delegates, 99 went to Obama and 94 to Clinton.

So the upshot: even though Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in Texas 50.8 to Obama's 47.4, Obama won because his people learned to two-step. As a result Obama got the majority of pledge delegates.

There were 7,239 total delegate votes cast at the convention's preference poll. Of those, 3,088 went to Hillary Clinton (42.7 percent). Barack Obama got 4,144 (57.3). Seven are still undecided, but that hardly seems to throw the finale into question.

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