Thursday, June 12, 2008

Portrait vs. Landscape

We start our coverage of the Republican convention with a quick description of the building layout. (We did the same thing with the Democrats). The convention is on the ground floor of the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. The Democratic convention hall was like printing portrait. The podium was at the top of the page and there was a long series of rows of delegates thereafter. The GOP convention is like a landscape printout. It's lengthwise. The podium is in top, centered. The delegate seats fan around the podium. There is a large podium stage center for the main speaker, with a side podium stage right (of course) for an additional speaker. There are two large banks of tables on either side of the main podium for party officials. The exhibit area is easier to reach in this convention hall. It's just to south of the main convention floor.
Unlike the Democratic convention, there is no wireless Internet connection at the George Brown Center. So the Lone Star Report decided to co-sponsor the blogger booth (which is part of the Americans for Prosperity Booth on the convention floor). I'll be blogging from this booth throughout the convention. Feel free to come by and visit.

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