Friday, June 13, 2008

Chairman candidates make their case to convention delegates

Yesterday, the candidates for GOP chairman made their case to the delegates. Incumbent Tina Benkiser is being challenged by Paul Perry of Ellis County. Ellis's speech was largely a policy speech. He thrashed the Trans-Texas Corridor. He talked about making the party more responsive to the grass-roots and a party that follows its rules. Much of his speech was devoted to the Trans-Texas Corridor.

Benkiser discussed her approach to being chairman of the Republican Party. She talked about working for the grass-roots and how to run an effective party. She said she wanted to grow the party's infrastructure with integrity and promote conservative prinicples. She talked about going to Washington DC to help express concerns about immigration and her recent media tour to talk about protecting private property. Instead of speaking from the podium, Benkiser walked from side to side looking straight at the delegates, a technique that worked very effectively. She emphasized the need for "battle-tested" warriors to lead the party into the next election and highlighted her experience working for conservative ideas.

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