Saturday, June 14, 2008

For Republican National Committee, it's Crocker and Adams

The Republican Party of Texas has elected as Republican National Committee Man and Woman Bill Crocker and Cathie Adams respectively.

Crocker, an incumbent, is a Texas lawyer and a member of the Travis County Bar Association. He has a long Republican resume as a precinct chairman and election judge in Austin, among other things.

Adams is president of the Texas Eagle Forum and is an experienced Republican activist.

Borah Van Dormolen, the other candidate for the open seat as RNC woman, conceded to Adams even though the vote among the congressional districts was 21 to 11. Having three or more congressional district endorsements entitles a candidate to take the contest to the floor of the state convention. Paul Perry, having nowhere near 11, chose to do so. But Van Dormolen did not.

Van Dormolen was named a national at large delegate.

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